Does Putin have a chance: what do stars and political scientists say?

Yashina Galina

Christmas and New Year’s holiday distracted little bit Russian people from their fight for freedom and justice. However, presidential elections of the country, that will happen in March, threaten to increase political heat. Will the authorities be able to maintain the control over this situation? Are they ready to listen to reason or, maybe, to astrologers’ precautions?

1. There is something to be done immediately

Putin has a chance to carry over protest electorate, - believes CEO of the publishing house “Praxis”, political scientist Ivan Fomin. "At this stage protests represent just the rise of the elite.  Headliners of previous and coming protests were practically “the members of Putin’s family”, those who for 10 years   have plundered everything and now want to remove Putin’s team and to continue being at power".

It is not surprising that the majority of the participants of these protests, who maybe are unanimous to current authorities, but don’t rush to support current political force – nor parliamentary partiers, nor opposition. Meanwhile, these protests are fair and natural, it has been brewing for over a year, - underlines Ivan Fomin.  

"The main source of dissatisfaction with the authorities was non-fulfillment of the program, about which Putin declared 10 years ago, in the beginning of his presidency. Today the policy towards real systematic modernization, real blow to corruption, real blow to bureaucrats is in real demand in the society. Putin came with this policy – and that is why he got support. If now he proposes the same policy, he will get a powerful support, he has such potential. And it is not about particular people – for example, Putin or Surkov, it is about ideas and policy, which is in demand in the country. Today for Putin it is more important to rely not on the state machine or on some reshuffles, but on such people that require returning to the same policy. Current state machine is incompetent.  That is why it is necessary to take over the initiative and to start systematic revolution from the top, to disperse current incompetent state apparatus. Not to “rearrange the chairs from place to place”, but to find support of such forces that are interested in patriotic Putin’s policy not for money, but because of ideological considerations. There are a lot of such people around and even in social networks. It is necessary to find them and to find support in them".

But to do this real program and readiness to implement it are necessary. "All these infinite talks on TV and speeches to the nation just annoy people. There is something to be done immediately. People wait for demonstrative trials corruptionists and powerful social changes, directed to strengthening of the government. Instead of trying to get support of rotten elite which has risen against the authorities, it is necessary to destroy it. Not accidentally today a lot of people remember Stalin. And it is not because people are bad; it is because the development of this situation pushes them.  There are a lot of problems in the country, and the first person, who will try to solve them, and not to talk about it, will get the support of other people. Fortunately for Putin, opposition also today just talks about the problems and is not solving them. That is why it is necessary for Putin to take over the initiative and to start the revolution from the top", - adds political scientist.


2. Authorities are not ready for revolution

However, apparently, Putin is not ready for such decisive actions.  On questions about reshuffle of useless ministers, Putin answers that personnel replacements obstruct the work of the ministries. Following this logic, ministers should never be replaced, no matter what they do.

Half-way Putin’s position in regard to caught stealing heads of energy companies is also significant. He admitted that among 300 heads of these companies intradepartmental testing revealed 160 corruptionists, each of them has three or four offshore companies, where they store all their money. What does the government plan to do? Instead of saying: “We will immediately take measures, no one will be able to escape", Putin says that two more tests will be made, and then some of these heads will have to leave their post.


3. The change of the elite is inevitable.  

Such indecision confuses even astrologers. They really give a chance to Putin, saying that elections will be peaceful and with positive result for Putin. However, different astrologers forecast different terms of presidency.

The president of Russian Astrological School, professor Alexander Zaraev, referring to the horoscope of the prime minister, predicts that in 2012 Putin will act in a strong way and will be changing – first of all, in relation to his surroundings. "I can’t say that he will become a reformer, but he will build something on the foundation that he previously has been building", - says astrologer.

The change of the elite and appearance of new figures on political horizon was planned for autumn 2012 by practically all astrologers. "Bureaucratic starfall could happen in second and third quarter of 2012. And it could be stunning", - believes Alexander Zaraev. According to the rector of the Academy of Astrology Mikhail Levin, political crisis in Russia is inevitable, but at the same time there are two possible scenarios. "The first one is that the authorities cease to cling to power, start the dialogue and create new management forms. If they are, of course, smart enough for it. But, more likely, they will not be smart enough for it, so for this situation there is the second scenario – the most possible scenario. New-old president’s entourage believes that Vladimir Putin will win on elections. Then in autumn the country will face en explosion. Putin himself will stay at this turn. But till the end of the six-year term he will have to leave. Maybe, it will happen in 2013".

Pavel Globa expresses himself in a more radical way: "Revolution and total change of power could happen in October". According to his opinion, president that will be elected in spring has only one way to stay at the helm: he has to lead the revolution “from the top” and to proclaim the economic dictatorship. "If the president will not change the ruling elite, someone else will do it for him and will remove him". Putin and Medvedev in spring of this year will change the places. However such a reshuffle will not be useful and the autumn will dot one’s i’s and cross one’s t’s. "Medvedev’s premiership will not last long, - said the expert. – The effect of the ballast will work".

Unfortunately, such perturbations can’t do without civil disorders, victims and catastrophes. Pavel Globa warns about possible terrorist attacks and explosions on the eve of presidential elections – from February 20 till the first days of March. Alexander Zaraev believes that “strengthening of social and political unrests, big protests of the working people against obsolete laws and governmental reformations" is more possible after elections – from the end of March and during the first and second decades of April, because during this period "the Earth will be in the zone of strong negative frequent resonance of cosmic planetary radiation".


4. Hour of triumph of diviners

Collapse of the economy and political crisis exacerbates cultural degradation of the society, which is happening over the last couple of decades. Politics and economists, which discovered their total failure, lose their authority and give place to astrologers. The government ignores obvious demands of time. Truly, when your mind is powerless, the influence of “cosmic planetary radiation” is stronger. Diviners, having a great influence on "mind and heart", become a kind of strategic weapon. It is possible that they will play an important role in almost inevitable and so expected changes. 


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